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1215 George C. Wilson Dr. Ste 3A

Augusta, Ga 30909

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Meet the Team

Robin Bohannon

Robin Bohannon

Doctor of Audiology

Dr. Bohannon received his undergraduate and Master’s degrees in Audiology from the University of Georgia.  After practicing audiology in Augusta, Georgia, for many years, he furthered his education at the Pennsylvania School of Optometry where he achieved his doctorate.  He has been with various Ear, Nose, and Throat groups in town for over 30 years. 


Dr. Bohannon's enthusiasm for hearing diagnostics and hearing aids eventually convinced him to go into private practice.  His heartfelt conviction is that all patients need time and attention when adjusting to their new lifestyle. 


Amanda S. Battey

Amanda S. Battey
Doctor of Audiology

Dr. Battey completed her undergraduate and Master’s degree from the University of Georgia.  She went on to Arizona School of Health Sciences to obtain her Doctor of Audiology.  Dr. Battey has been practicing audiology for 30+ years.  She has experience in all ages, but her passion is Pediatrics.  Amanda's start in Augusta began at Augusta ENT, where she met Dr. Bohannon.


Dr. Battey met her husband, Tom, after he walked into one of her clinics.  He convinced her to give him a shot, and here they are many happy years later.  They currently live in Augusta, GA  with their two beautiful children.

ANNABELLE  N.    and    WENDY  B.


Our goal is to help all of our patients, new and old, with big smiles and even bigger energy!


These two are thick-as-thieves and quick to laugh.  Wendy's quick wit and noteworthy smile is contagious and sure to make your day, just ask Annabelle!  Whether they're engaged in shenanigans or engrossed in their work, these two make quite the team.  If you follow their posts on Facebook, be sure to let them know! 




Jill B. is the AHB Billing Coordinator.  She is our go-to for filing claim submissions, checking hearing aid benefits, and all things Insurance.  Jill has been with Augusta Hearing and Balance since 2016.  She started out as the receptionist, then quickly moved through the ranks to become our very own Certified Professional Coder (CPC).  This allowed AHB to do all of their insurance filings and agreements in house, as opposed to outsourcing, which makes for a smoother filing process.  Jill's 9 years of experience has been invaluable to the team.  She is our little "bulldog"; she's not scared to fight for what our patients are owed.  Jill is very familiar with claim processing and will not hesitate to appeal a claim!


Jill's Active-Duty husband, three children (soon-to-be four!), and four dogs keep her entertained. When she is not working, she enjoys homemaking, baking, crafting, warding off copperheads, and going on runs with all four dogs. 




Bad Bad  LEROY  Brown and Junior


Leroy was our infamous "office" cat.  Our next door neighbors looked after Leroy, and when they closed, asked us if we would be his new caretakers.  He allowed us to leave him food and water, but stayed far far away and was as elusive as they come!  He and his son, Leroy Jr., have since been relocated to a sunny farm where they can catch all the mice they desire.   We think they're the cat's meow, and so do they!

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