Augusta Hearing & Balance Services

The hearing services provided by the trained staff at Augusta Hearing and Balance go far beyond hearing tests and hearing aid fittings.  Our hearing tests are comprehensive, to pinpoint exactly the type of hearing loss you’re experiencing and the cause.  AHB hearing aid fittings are customized to ensure the best sound and most comfortable fit.


We also offer hearing aid repair, maintenance, tinnitus management, and more. See all of our available services below and contact us to set up your hearing consultation!

Hearing Tests

Testing will allow us to figure out whether or not you have hearing loss, the possible cause of any hearing loss, and the degree and type of loss.  The best treatment options can then be determined.  All of this will be discussed with you and we’ll answer all of your questions so you can make the most informed decision on how to treat your hearing loss.


We also offer Hearing Tests for our Pediatric Patients.  Consult your child's pediatrician and Insurance Company to see if a referral is needed. 

Hearing Aid Fitting

All the hearing aids at Augusta Hearing and Balance are 100% digital, but they are not one size fits all.  The key to hearing aid success is finding the right fit.  Here, we take the time to offer a customized fitting and teach you the proper care of your new hearing device.  The advantage of working with the professionals at Augusta Hearing and Balance, is we program your hearing device based on your specific hearing test results.  We are also able to help adjust the hearing devices to your own personal needs.  This ensures you will get the best sound possible so you can hear clearly again.


We use a specialized hearing aid fitting process to ensure you receive the best sound possible.  Once you are fitted, we are still here for follow up care.  We will ask that you return for follow up visits, so we can fine tune your hearing aids.  We assess how your hearing device is working and make adjustments required to improve hearing.


Today’s technology is so advanced and highly-programmable.  One small change can make a huge difference in your hearing.  We’re here to make sure your device is working for you.  With a little bit of patience, you’ll be amazed at the final results.

Hearing Aid Repair

The staff at Augusta Hearing and Balance will teach you how to care for and clean your hearing device at home, but it’s possible you may run into a situation where your hearing aid needs repair beyond what you normally do at home. 


If you’re experiencing feedback, interference, discomfort, distortion or if you see signs of damage, bring your hearing aid to us.  We can repair all brands, even if you didn’t get your hearing aid from us.  Most repairs can be done quickly in our office.  There are times we may need to send your device out for special repairs.  If available, we are happy to supply you with a temporary loaner hearing aid upon request.

Hearing Protection and ear impressions

From custom ear plugs or swimming molds, to hunter's plugs and musician’s monitors, we can provide you with customized hearing protection for your specific needs. Call  706-364-2378 today to learn more.

Transfer patients

Did you get hearing from another practice?  Did you move Audiologists, or did your old office close down?  AHB is here to help.  We can repair most Hearing Devices in house, if the damage or adjustments needed aren't too great.  We would love to help fix the problem!

Tinnitus Management

Tinnitus, caused by a variety of sources including exposure to loud noise, medications, allergies, and more, is a persistent ringing, rushing, or buzzing in the ears.  While it won’t cause deafness, it may affect and distract you during activities.  Our tinnitus management options include hearing aids and tinnitus maskers.  Each one can quiet the noise in your ears and improve your daily life. 

Whether you’ve visited us before for a hearing test or you’re a new patient, Call 706-364-2378 today to schedule your appointment for any of these services.